The 10-year-old proposal finally happened.

Today, was their 10TH anniversary.

He, always jokingly shut her up when she cribbed about not being proposed to. He didn’t think it was too important. What mattered was the love they shared. But, some things matter to some people, like it did to his wife. She asked for a proposal every single anniversary, every single birthday and even on the christening of their only son. But, he always laughed it off saying he does not need to prove his love.

She had always dreamed of a proposal. Nothing grand, just the cliché old question that had the ability to change one’s life. But, the one she got was quite a unique and interesting one. (More on that later) One that made for a very funny story. Every single time it was said, it was a laughter riot. It made the listeners think of them as an unusual couple. Well, they absolutely were.

Today on their 10th anniversary, he decided to surprise her ass off.They were at a restaurant. Enjoying their anniversary dinner. Her siblings were on their way.

While enjoying their anniversary dinner, she welcomed her siblings who walked in with her surprise. As they took a seat, he turned to her with the ring box and smiled saying, “Here, I am finally proposing to you. Will you please be mine forever?”

Her reaction?

She smiled. She giggled. She definitely was surprised. But the joy didn’t seem as much. She accepted the ring saying, “I’ll keep the ring. Let me think about the ‘forever’ part.” (It was a joke) They all laughed. They hugged. She kept looking at the ring. Within seconds of the proposal, out came another ring box.

“This is for me not proposing to you in the last 10 years.”

Hell yeah, she was surprised AF! Two diamond rings in one night.

She started admiring the rings, looking at them closely. Getting them off her fingers, she began to scan them.

All excited, her sister confessed to helping her brother-in-law pick those rings for her. She also mentioned how she got one for herself too.

The wife looked at her sister’s ring. She definitely loved it; more than the ones she was gifted.

Now, what you should know is, when you have to wait a long, long time for something to happen, you cannot for the love of God guarantee the same enthusiasm. Because, well, it has been a long time. As expected (by the belief of the former statement) she too wasn’t toooooo kicked about it. But, she was certainly happy.

Nonetheless, out of the sheer bitterness of having to wait this long for her (proposal) ring and for having to beg for it every year, she burst, “10 years yaa, you still don’t know the kind of designs I like! Her’s is so much prettier. It’s something I would have picked.”

That bitch!  (Yes, we’re all saying that right now)

Smiling, he picked the ring that she deemed not-so-pretty. He regretted choosing real diamonds over fake ones.





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