From one mother to the other – “Don’t worry mom, he won’t be me.”

Who comes to your rescue after you’ve entered this balloon called ‘motherhood’? “Mummy”?

The one thing I’ve constantly heard my mother say, “We’ve all done it. You have to too. Don’t make a big deal out of this.”

Well, (breaking your bubble mumma)… I AM going to make a big deal out it. Because, guess what – to each… his own. Your cross was yours to carry about 33 years ago. 3 decades is a long time for cultures, mind-set, opinions, generations…to evolve. Sadly, I’m not as strong as you are to make the cut without squirming or complaining. 

You had a stay-at-home mother (granny) to look after you every second of the day. Mine’s a respectable senior teacher, who is about to hit retirement in a couple of months. She has done her bit. I’m doing mine…gliding through days…cuddling my indifferent new-born, all by myself. And hell no, I don’t blame you for it. All I’m asking of you is to NOT take it away from me. 

I know, it scares your living soul to imagine the mistakes I’ll make. Trust me, I’ve had nightmares too. Right now, I just need you to be there. No questions asked. No judgements made. (That role’s being played by our two-faced society anyway).

Just be there. Watch me fall. Give me a chance. Try and believe in my kind of upbringing. I promise you, he won’t be me. You don’t have to worry, mummy ❤



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