The one year itch!

Well, don’t you agree? Most people begin to restructure their thoughts of retirement by wanting to take ‘the jump’. Yes. Within a year, they are sick and tired of their routine, and wish to do something new, something great for their professional life. What transpires within that year? I’m can’t divulge those secrets, because what’s mine may not be theirs. (read = secret)

‘I’m having the best time of my life’; to…
‘Do I even have a life’; to…
‘I don’t have a life’, to…
‘I want a life’.

This pretty much covers the transition. I have no answers. I’m just here to pose a question.

What exactly happens to the dreams that come folded with an offer letter?


They’re all having a baby.

She missed a stair and almost slipped before she could hold on to the railing. A beat skipped her chest. A muffle missed her lips. Her hands began to shiver and hold onto her 4 month bump. No. “I can’t afford to be this careless for Christ’s sake.”

On her way home, her thoughts raced back to her kitchen. The groceries she needed. The fruits she wanted. The other lame items that were on her mind. She picked all of those. Struggling with a heavy grocery bag and yet somehow the superwoman in her managed to pull out the headphones from her sling bag and dump them into her ears.

A faint smile ran across her face. Nothing mattered when she thought of him and the music that reminded her of him.

Finding the keys to her house was by far the most daunting task, each day. Standing in front of her door, a bunch of neighbours who regularly stood across the balcony would stare right into her soul. Or at least they wished they could.

Stumbling into the dark passage, she went for the lights. There she was; back to her monotony.

Somehow, the dead office environment, the dislike for her job, her neighbours, her groceries, her kitchen, a few stolen kisses from her husband and her bed; not forgetting the occasional smiles of her niece from the building across the road; was all she had during what’s supposed to be the best phase of her life.

And well, no one really cared. Because they were all going to have a baby.