A page from the diary of the ‘hyper-1’

Discover the beauty of uncertainty. Let your inhibitions go. Fall of your chair once a while when you watch a stupid video. Hold your mom’s hand and squeeze it tight. Don’t forget to smile after that.
Steal a 100 from your brother’s wallet. Text him about it after an hour. Tease a kid on the road. Chase a dog down a busy lane. Run after a truck. Let that fear fail. Or may be let it win. If it wins, you learn what not to do wrong. If it fails, you learn what to do right. Don’t let your heart be broken. Oh wait! What rubbish. Let your heart be broken. Let it be shattered. See it rumble to pieces. Then play your favourite sad song and drink your sorrows to the last glass. Throw up on your friend’s couch. Her favourite couch. Watch her scowl. Read a book and criticize it if you haven’t liked it. There’s nothing wrong about it. Watch a completely baseless movie. Confide in your best friend that you absolutely loved it. Let those people judge you. Hear them. Laugh it out. And move on. They don’t matter. Open yourself to all the negativity. Let it seep in. Then with all your might throw it out. Feel good. Believe that good happens. Because it does happen. You won’t be unhappy all your life. That’s a promise. Because I’m not.