Borrow Their Smile

There are a million ways to be happy. To stay happy.
And we crib in a million other ways that take us away from them.
ImageIn the world around me, to be more precise… in my world, there are SLRs, there are summer dresses, paint boxes, Facebook, Books, wallets, shoes, sceneries, rains, Ipad, the Mac, music, laughter, a baby’s laughter, a group of friends with coffee, a 

school boy with his new pencil box, a kid girl at the barbie store, a young man & his lady-love (his bike), a surprise birthday gift, a newly penned poem, an illustrator’s art, a blog, office leaves, sleeping late, filling-breakfast, the 1st smoke of the day, a story by a certain grandma, the Diwali bonus, the pending vacation to Himachal, the bar, the local train, mom’s kheer, mom’s smile, mom-dad’s wedding photograph, a new mother, a new bride, a just engaged couple, dance practices, a new phone, kinder-joy, the unreasonably awesome weather, a compliment, rather an unexpected compliment – from an unexpected person…and more may be.  

These many and more are the little things that have made so many people around me, Smile. Just share each their smiles. This way we’ll never fall short of ‘a reason’, to smile.