The Incomplete Rendezvous of Their Marriage

Meera was a little girl,
She lived in the flames of agony that tore her her mother apart.
Her Mother was not complete with her Father.

She saw her Father cry,
She saw her Mother cry louder.

His tears, his wrinkled cheeks gave Meera the strength to live.
Her sleepless eyes gave Meera the patience to bear with that writhing pain.

Meera knew that they risked their lives, and they lived it.


Meera’s Father lived with the one woman who wasn’t really the love of his life,┬ábut he had made her an important reason to live.
Her Mother saw that he needed her. He craved her touch.
But she resigned with a heavy heart.

Do we blame her? Did he care enough? Did he show her that?

This story is as incomplete as their relationship. And now, 15 years after Meera discovered
their incomplete rendezvous of marriage, she is set to wed the man who is probably the reflection her Father… the reflection he left on her…when he bid her goodbye!