It’s Rats-race to the top. And I haven’t registered.

I’m amused, as to how everyone needs to win. Win the acceptance of the societal warfare. Like every second there’s a new addition to the rat race.

Where are those guys who just loved ‘what they did’? Who never cared about the results! Who were rather interested in the satisfaction of their doing.
Those passionate outward fools, who are consciously kept out of the league of the so called ‘crowd-pullers’.

Yet again, defining your life by the philosophies of the ‘great ones’whose lives were not similar to yours, who lived in a totally different era, whose circumstances where world-apart from yours, is something beyond my understanding.

You knowbeing motivated in one thing and wanting to make a life like theirs is another. No no..actually, it’s letting your ‘highway’ be governed by someone else’s map.
Step Out, from those quotesMake your own. Stay Content. Stay Happy.

More so, be yourself, but don’t expect the same from another being. Because honestly, there are way too many winners. But very few gratified ones.

Iit’s also OK to not have it togetherALL the time. No one does, you see.
It’s a fight. A fight to not be one with the world. Even if that’s at the cost of ‘what they think of you’. At the end of it all, at least you know you’re being true.