An emotion much stronger than ‘Love’.

Dad said, “These world has two kinds of people,
The Regular ones and the Crazy ones!

These crazys… they somehow catch pace;
They have this intense fire that never burns out!

If you ever happen to ask them, “When was the last time opinions mattered?”
They wouldn’t know.

These people suck the living lights out of Life,
They nurture an emotion, an intensity of some kind,
which they are true to.
They know where to begin, they know where to stop;
They know where to take the leap, they know where to draw the line.
For some odd reason, they are always in control.

They look to accomplish because ‘just’ achieving is not their style!
The reverence of contentment; of being unique, their forte.

What basically matters is that which drives them, their Passion for life.
This emotion lives in them. Like it lives in us.

Our passion to survive.